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Suzhou Wint Electric Co., Ltd. is devoted to the research and development and manufacture of electronic heat dissipation products, providing a variety of solutions for liquid-cooled heat dissipation products. Main products are buried pipe water-cooled plate, friction stir welding water-cooled plate, Vacuum Brazed water-cooled plate, liquid-cooled box, high precision micro-chiller and related products and components. Our heat dissipation design team has accumulated rich experience in solving heat dissipation problems, and can provide you with professional heat dissipation design solutions, including computer simulation thermal analysis, sample preparation and testing, to provide you with high cost-effective heat dissipation products.
      Our water-cooled panel products are widely used in fiber laser, high-power communication power, wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation, high-speed trains, electric locomotives, military, aerospace, industrial control, medical, frequency conversion power supply, inverters, high-power module power supply, switching power supply and other industries, with a number of domestic countries. The Research Institute has cooperated well with high-tech enterprises.
      Our factory has passed the certification of ISO 9001. It has CNC machine adding workshop, welding workshop, stamping workshop, assembly workshop, etc. It can cut, slot cutting, stamping, drilling and tapping teeth, polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting, welding, assembly and testing automatically and accurately.
      The company adheres to the management tenet of honesty, steadfastness, high quality and safety, the management concept of honesty, harmonious development, mutual benefit and win-win, and the enterprise spirit culture of honesty, unity, dedication and struggle. In today's fierce market competition, it has always maintained its own characteristics, and has been built with many manufacturers and customers. Established a good cooperative relationship, many of the manufacturers have cooperated for domestic and foreign first-line manufacturers and well-known brands.
      Based in China and facing the world, the company is willing to develop international and domestic markets with the vast number of new and old customers on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. With a sincere and friendly attitude, we welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to consult, negotiate, cooperate, win-win, mutually beneficial and common development to provide customers with the most advanced, low price, high reliable heat dissipation solutions.

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