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Weinte Electric is mainly engaged in buried pipe water-cooled plate, friction stir welding water-cooled plate, Vacuum Brazed water-cooled plate, liquid-cooled case, high-precision micro-chiller and related products and components. Our heat dissipation design team has accumulated rich experience in solving heat dissipation problems, and can provide you with professional heat dissipation design solutions, including computer simulation thermal analysis, sample preparation and testing, to provide you with high cost-effective heat dissipation products.
The company is in line with the business purpose of honesty, steadfastness, high quality and safety, the business philosophy of honesty, harmonious development, mutual benefit and win-win, and the enterprise spirit culture of honesty, unity, dedication and struggle.
Professional value creation, intentions to win customers, hope to become forever friends with you, we hope that the cause of common progress!

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